Health tips during Diwali

:; Diwali and Ayurveda

7 Ayurvedic tips to a better life…

I am going to give you tips that you should to do in the morning. According to Dinacharya or the Ayurvedic daily routines, these actions will help you find balance between body, mind, spirit and lifestyle. If you follow these routines on a daily basis, they can change your life, making you feel happier, and be blessed with a better and longer life.

-Try to wake up with the first rays of sunshine.
-Drink a glass of warm water on an empty stomach (3 min)
-Wash your sense organs: tongue, mouth, eyes, ears, nose (4 min)
-Apply oil on your body / Abhyanga self-massage (6 min)
-Exercise for example yoga is a complete exercise (30 min)
-Take a bath (10 min)
-Meditate (10-30 min)

#Eat_healthy: Diwali is a time when people gorge on sweets and put on weight which in turn affects their health. To make this Diwali a healthy one, eat home made desi cow ghee-sweets, deserts and healthier alternative like fruits and low calorie sweets. You can also have some dry fruits like almonds, raisins or dates for desert, also eat home-made sweets like kheer,, etc. It is also important to snack wisely during this time as most people end up overeating. So, eat wisely and remember, just because it is a festival, there is no need to ditch your diet.

#StayAwayFromArtificialSweets: It is advised to stay away from artificial sweeteners that contain aspartame as they are reported to cause brain tumour or cancer. In addition to this, using chemical preservatives in sweets also puts you at a higher risk of kidney or liver damage, asthma and cancer. So this Diwali, opt for sweets that are made from sugar or other healthy alternatives like jaggery n home made sukhadi / laddu from desi cow ghee and live a healthy life.


Take care of your health: People suffering from diabetes need to be extra cautious during Diwali as they are surrounded with plenty of sweets. Apart from restricting their consumption of sweets, these people are advised to keep a check on sugar and starch intake..

#WearEarplugs & #applyDesiCowGhee: The bustling sound of crackers might damage ear drums in some people and also cause increased heart rate in old people and those with cardiac problems. To avoid such health issues, people are recommended to wear earplugs as exposure to loud sounds during this festival is unavoidable. Also, people who have lung problems like COPD or asthma might suffer from breathlessness due to the smoke. Such patients are advised to apply desi cow ghee in nostrils especially while going out.

#OtherSafetyTips: Apart from the above listed health tips for a safe Diwali, other precautions include not wearing clothes made from nylon or terrycot (as they are inflammable). Sweets especially those made from perishable items like milk or khoya should be avoided as they tend to cause food poisoning if had later than its expiry date.

Follow these simple tips and celebrate this diwali with fun and frolic. Wish you a very happy, safe and healthy Diwali!

#Tip For Asthama-Apply desi cow ghee in nostrils to prevent smoke Frm crackers.

Now you can start your day with a positive attitude and full of energy!

Wishing you a lovely week, and happy Diwali!

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