What to eat during exams?

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Students feel lethargic or sleepy during exams then it is worry for parents & students also.

So we are going to give you tips to feel light during exams.

Drink Luke warm water

Luke warm water improves metabolism,digestion also.Your bowel ll be clear in morning.Drinking Luke warm water decreases swelling in your body.Drinking Luke warm water removes the the toxins,mucus from body .If you drink Luke warm water through out day then you ll feel amazing light Ness in body.you ll nt feel lethargic & sleepy.

Start day with heavy break fast

Breakfast which easily digest & gives you more energy .
Traditional food are best in breakfast as upma,Daliya (oats ,wheat), Khichdi,poha, seasonal fruits,soup(spinach,carrot,beet,bottleguard,mixed vegetable),lemon water,fresh fruit juice (orange, pineapple, pomegranate).

Frequent small meals

Don’t eat all food at once.If you at once heavy meal then you ll feel lethargic & sleepy.so avoid it.
Eat in small meals frequently.so you can get source of energy continusly.
Frequent small meals Such as dry fruits,nuts,soup,fresh fruits ,salad.

Protien In your diet

Carbs digest easily but Protein slowly burns,gives you constant source of energy.Food which contains more protein such as poha,eggs, sprouts,pulses,dry fruits,nuts.

Stress booster food

Coconut malai which contains copper is very beneficial to fight against stress.
Adrenal hormone is stress fighting hormone.vit.b,C,minerals zinc releases stress fighting hormone adrenal.Lists of Foods are pumpkin,carrot, fish,egss ,green leafy vegetables.

Memory enhancer food

-omega 3 fatty acid food enhances memory.flax seed,sesame seed, pumpkin seed contains omega3 fatty acid.

Avoid AC.

In AC you feel less thirsty then you drink less,you ll be dehydrated.then you body mind ll restless,then hard to concentrate.

so drink plenty of freshfuit juices,

lemon water,green tea,buttermilk.
Avoid caffeine & too much chocolates.
If you liitle more chocolates then it leads to high sugar in blood . your stomach ll badly crave for food & you ll eat junk food & etc.

Food time table for 10th during exams:

6-7am tea/milk
8-9am-soaked almond+black raisin
9am-upma, Khichdi,Daliya(wheat- oats) poha(avoid heavy food)
10to1pm-keep lemon water during exams time if possible
2pm-2roti ,sabji,rice,moving(don’t drink butter milk immediate after food)
4pm-tea/hot milk
6pm-fruits or lemon water
7pm-light dinner (Khichdi,pulav,daliya)
10pm-hot turmeric milk

*Massage with desi cow ghee on feet before sleep for better seelp

Food time table for 12th during exams

6-7am tea/milk
8am-soaked almond+black raisin
9am-fruit or lemon water

11am-2roti ,sabji,rice,moving(don’t drink butter milk immediate after food)
1pm-fruit/fresh juices/lemon Water
3pm-keep lemon water during exams time if possible

7pm-light dinner (Khichdi,pulav,daliya)
10pm-hot turmeric milk
*Massage with desi cow ghee on feet before sleep for better seelp.

-Vaidya Mihir Khatri (B.A.M.S)

-Vaidya Vandana Khatri (B.A.M.S)

Dr.Khatri’s Shashwat Ayurvedam ff1 palak2 above SBI ramdevnagar branch Anandnagar to ramdevnagar road satellite Ahmedabad 07948004200

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