Benefits of Gandush (Holding medicated fluids in Mouth)

हन्वो: बलं स्वरबलं वदनोपचय: पर:।
स्यात्परं च रसज्ञानमन्ने च रुचिरुतमा ॥
न चास्य कण्ठशोष: स्यान्नोष्ठयो: स्फुटनादभयम ।
न च दन्ता : क्षयं यान्ति द्रढमूला भवन्ति च॥
न शूल्यन्ते न चाम्लेन क्रुष्यन्ते भक्षयन्ते च ।
खरानपि परान भक्ष्यान तैलगण्डूषसेवनात ॥
(च .सू.स्था.अ -5, 72-74)
Gandusha is
Holding of medicated fluids in the mouth in full quantity then expel it out (because of full quantitiy, the fluid cannot able to rotate in the mouth)

Benefits of Gandush

1) Swara balam (strength to voice)

2) Hanu balam (strength to jaws)

3) Strength to face

4) Ruchyam (better taste perception)

5) Oruda dantha (strong and healthy teeth )

6) Stamina against aaganthuja mukha rogas, shiro rogas (head diseases), karna rogas (ear diseases). nasa roga (nose diseases) and netra roga (eye diseases).

Different type of medicated fluids are used in Gandush.Gandush with Sesame oil is best to rejuvenate Your Face.It is called oil pulling also.

“Benefits of oil pulling with sesame oil daily: Sesame oil gargling is beneficial for the strength of jaws, depth of voice, flabbiness of face, excellent gustatory sensation and good taste for food. One will never get dryness of throat, nor does his lips ever get cracked, his teeth will never develop caries and will be deep-rooted, he will not have any toothache nor will his teeth set on edge by sour intake,his teeth can chew even the hardest eatables”
( Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana 5)

What are the indications for gandusha?

-Neck rigidity,Head ache,Earache.

-Diseases of teeth,tongue,palete, esophagus,throat.

-Eye diseases



-Exceesive or loss of sleep

-Loss of hunger / tasteless-ness


-Head diseases

-Vaidya Mihir Khatri (B.A.M.S)

-Vaidya Vandana Khatri (B.A.M.S)

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