Summer health problems & Treatment

Dehydration –

Children,old age persons,pregnant ladies may be feel dehydration Due to high temperature in the summer.

How to prevent-

Drink plenty of liquids.Specially buttermilk,coconut water, lemon juice etc.Don’t drink chilled water immediate after roaming in heat. Drink water stored in mud vessel.It has special cooling effects on body.

Heat stroke-

Rub onion over the feet.Put wet cotton clothe over the head.

UTI (urinary tract infection)

UTI is common problem in summer specially in women.If you feel Burning micturation,retention of urine ,pain in back then it is Urinary Tract Infecttion.

Home remedy-Soak dry coriander& crystal sugar in water for hour then crush the mixture and drink it.

Coriander has diuretic property & crystal sugar has cooling property. Thus this combination is very effective in burning urination.You ll get immediate relief from UTI.Of course drink plenty of water during summer.

Excessive sweating –

If you sweat so much with bad odour then this home remedy is best for it.

Home remedy-Apply haritaki powder paste with water over the body.massage with this powder reduces the sweating & bad odour quickly.


Diarrhoea is common problem in summer special in children.

Home remedy-Mixture of coriander powder,cumin seed powder,crystal sugar is effective to stop water diarrhea.Take this combination with water three four times in a day.

Hyper acidity

Gulkand is highly beneficial in hyper acidity, burning sensation etc. pitta disorder in summer.Take one or two spoon gulkand with milk in summer to prevent from hyper acidity.

Drinks you should drink in summer-

Specially in summer to beat the heat ,drink kokam juice,coconut water,buttermilk,sugar can juice etc have specially cooling effects on body.These natural juices have lots of minerals to prevent from dehydration.So drink natural juice .Avoid soft drinks.

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