Benefits of Positive atmosphere,Feet massage,Good Sleep during exams

Read in open space.

If you are reading in room where there is no ventilation. then it ll be very hard to concentration. why?
because fresh air clears the blockage in brain & your concentration ll be more on read where fresh air can reach.Our rishimuni were studying under the tree because you can study more time with fresh air,but nowadays not possible to study under the tree so just put some ventilation in your study room.

Meditate 5to10minutes

Meditate means close your eyes, seat for five mints and take deep breath with out stress & thoughts.You ll feel more freshness.

Positive atomoshphere

never talk about hows your exam papers gone- bad or good.just think about good. no negativity in the house ll keep you enthusiastic till the last day of exam.


Don’t drink too much coffee or tea.
Tea /coffee ll decrease your contains also much coffee/ tea disturbs your vata.
So Don’t drink so much tea/coffee to awake full has bad effects on your health.
min.6 hours sleep-
if you ll not sleep for 6 hours then your body ll lose stamina on next day. so sleep is the key to get freshness on next day.sleep well during exams.

Paadaabhyang (Feet massage )

if you are nt getting sleep well.

massage with cow ghee on feet ll help to get relax your brain,improves blood circulation in brain cells.You ll get good sleep.When you ll wake up in morning, you ll feel freshness overloaded.massage with cow ghee on feet is beneficial for eyes improves your eye sight also .

Don’t eat too much at night.

If you eat too much then you ll get sleep early in take light meal at night.

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