What Not to eat during Exams?

Do not eat heavy food.

Heavy food means heavy to digest.
Lists are surprising.Curd , bhakhri,shreekhand,lassi which are heavy to digest. curd creates mucus in cells.ayurved says it’s abhishyandi.after eating curd or shreekhand you ll feel lazy or sleepy.which disturbs in concentration.

Don’t drink any liquid immediate after food.

Drink buttermilk for good digestion but Don’t drink buttermilk or water any liquid immediate after food.because it leads to feel lethargic.drink butter milk with food for good digestion.

Lifestyle-Don’t read immediate after eating food.

After eating take some rest ,you can start to read.

Food habit- Dont stay long with empty stomach.

Without eating anything u can’t concentrate on study.so eat well during exams for better concentration.

Don’t eat out side food.

Our immunity is low whenever we are in high stress.it is highly prone for infections.So do not eat out side food which may lead any food poisoning or any infections due to low immunity.

Cold cough –

we ll get easily cold cough in this season due to double season.avoid cold drinks,chilled water,ice creams,lassi,shteekhand.
Avoid packet food which contains preservatives.yes ofcourse avoid 2 min noodles also.which is very bad for brain also.

Avoid vegetable potato, brinjal if you feel gases in abdomen.

Avoid beans pulses at night .
Some fruits releases more gases which is apple.if your suffering from gastritis then avoid apple otherwise you feel bloating after eating apple.
Don’t eat so much water melon at night .It leads to nausea vomiting if you eat at night

Avoid cashew. it is heavy to digest.

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