Benefits of Suvarnaprashana

#Suvarnaprashana_on_Pushyanaxtra Get Your child to boost immunity at nearest Ayurveda clinic
Ayurvedic Immunization

सुवर्णप्राशनं हि एतत् मेधाग्नि बल वर्धनम् ।

आयुष्यं मंगलं पुण्यं वृष्यं ग्रहापहम् ॥

मासात् परम मेधावी व्याधिभिर्न च दृश्यते ।

षड्भि मासै: श्रुतधर सुवर्ण प्राशनात् भवेत् ॥(काश्यप संहिता, सूत्रस्थानम्)

Benefits of suvarna prashan :

In child,Suvarnaprashana increases memory,makes them strong,increases appetite,makes them healthy.Suvarnaprashana improves skin tone also.Regular dose of suvarnaprashana makes child very intelligent, protects from various diseases.Regular doses of suvarnaprashana upto six months in child develops memory power very well.

SUVARNAPRASHANA means Suvarna bhasma & some herbs mixture which are made form of lehya chatan.

SUVARNAPRASHANA has special effects on pushyanaxtra because of Suvarna bhasma.Pushyanaxtra is best naxtra to make medicines or to start .which has more effects of naxtra on health also.

Suvarnaprashana increases immunity power in child & protects them from viral & bacterial infections.

Protects child in teething phase from various illness.

Suvarna prashana increases physical growth & mental growth, concentration, IQ also.

Regular doses of SUVARNAPRASHANA increases intelligence, grasping power,sharpness & analysis power in child.

Find your nearest Ayurveda clinic to start SUVARNAPRASHANA on pushyanaxtra for your child.

Pushyanaxtra dates of 2018-

2.27th February 2018

3.27th march 2018

4.23rd April 2018

5.20th may 2018

6.16th jun 2018

7.14th July 2018

8.10th August 2018

9.7th September 2018

10.4th October 2018

11.31st October 2018

12.27th November 2018

13.25th December 2018




ff1 palak2 above SBI ramdevnagar branch Anandnagar to ramdevnagar road satellite Ahmedabad.



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