Benefits of Drinking Luke Warm Water

For Skin Problems

If you have skin problems & tried various cosmetic products to get glowing skin.

Then drink Luke warm water through out the day.Your skin ll Glow.

Menstruation cramps

In menstruation ,drink Luke warm water to reduce pain.Sometimes during period muscular spasm creates abdominal & back pain.But Luke warm water relaxes the muscular pain ll be less.Drink plenty of Luke warm water for pain free period.

Bowel Cleansing

Drinking Luke warm water flushes toxins from your body.Balances Vata dosha.Drinking Luke warm water before sleep & in morning at empty stomach ll help to reduce gastric problems,clears the bowel very well.


Add one lemon juice & two pinch black pepper powder in one glass Luke warm water.Drink it to increase ll reduce the bloating also.

Kidney function

Drinking Luke warm water affects the kidney function Also,it ll flush all toxins from it ll help to reduce kidney problems also like UTI,Cystitis etc.


Drinking Luke warm water improves metabolism,clears aama (indigestive food) from intestine through stool.

So who has stiffness in morning- this practice makes your body very light.


If you get swelling often then drink Luke warm water to reduce swelling. Luke warm water clears retention of fluid.


When someone is suffering from fever don’t offer them cold water.Drinking Luke warm water is very beneficial in fever to reduce temperature.

Abdominal pain

If someone is suffering from bloating & abdominal pain due to indigestion.Drinking Luke warm water with one spoon of ajowan caraway (ajwayan) ll help to reduce abdominal pain.

Viral Bacterial diseases

Most of viral ,bacterial diseases spread through polluted drink boiled water to prevent such type of disorders.


Drinking Luke warm water ll reduce cough-cold who is suffering from cold cough frequently.Luke warm water derives cough from chest.

Throat Pain

Drinking Luke warm water is beneficial in also throat infection to reduce throat pain.

Weight Loss

Drinking Luke warm water helps to reduce weight also.Drinking Luke warm water improves fat metabolism & opens blocked channels of fat tissue.

Look Younger

Who is willing to look younger forever start to drink Luke warm water .


-Vaidya Mihir Khatri (B.A.M.S)

-Vaidya Vandana Khatri (B.A.M.S)


  1. After visiting SHASHWATAYURWEDA…I start drinking luke water…feeling is wonderful…my skin is glowing better & better day by day…feel very energetic & become youngerday by day….thank you so much…

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